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When I am looking to upgrade my Lab these are what I am looking at.

To help fund the projects I work on, the links are Amazon Affiliate links. This will let amazon know I sent you, and give me a small kickback if you buy that product. None of these are sponsorship, they do not get to see what I am saying about the products before I post online. Theses are products that I use and recommend!

$200 Range


$400 Range

Beelink SER5 PRO 5800H

I upgraded my box with the following.

Here is my Beelink SER5 Pro upgrade video

My Total cost was $550 from using older gear and buying new gear to put into this machine. I needed 2 drives for Openshift SNO install.

$600 Range

Beelink SER6 Pro 7735HS

2023 Cheap VM Build - Ryzen7 5th Gen My Custom Build


2023 VM Build - Ryzen 9 5th Gen